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About Us

Organized as an innovative "L3C" - the first "low profit limited liability company" in Florida - ECP's primary mission is to benefit the communities we serve.  We have offices in St. Petersburg and West Palm Beach.

Team Members

Amy Elliott

Amy Elliott is a recognized leader in the energy solutions industry. Prior to joining Eco City Partners, L3C, Amy was president and founder of Celadon Solutions, where she played an integral role in working with governments, businesses and residents to create sustainable solutions for energy efficiency, green design, LEED certification and renewable energy systems. A resident of Dunedin, Florida, Amy served as an Energy Consultant at Consumer Energy Solutions and has an extensive background in real estate and insurance. With a passion for environmental and community activism, Amy uses her business acumen to address energy conservation issues at local and statewide levels.

Mo Eppley

Mo Eppley is the founder of MityMo Design, LLC, a creative services agency in downtown St. Petersburg that specializes in design and consulting services. She is passionate about green living and puts her considerable creative talents to work to promote that cause on a regular basis. Mo has been a driving force behind the popular Tampa Bay Living Green Expo, which seeks to provide real solutions for people looking to live healthier lives with minimal environmental impact. She has served six years as Marketing Consultant and Coordinator for this annual event and developed its supporting websites, branding and marketing materials.

Michael Wallander

Michael Wallander brings a unique perspective to Eco City Partners, L3C with his impressive legal background, environmental credentials and entrepreneurial spirit. He is the founder and president of both the first law firm to specialize in sustainability issues as well as The Kapok Group, a management consulting firm that fosters sustainable companies and projects. Previously Mike had served as a corporate and securities attorney with an international law firm where he provided strategic sustainability advice to governments, businesses and non-profits. Mike is an active community volunteer in Palm Beach County and often speaks and teaches on developing global carbon markets.