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EcoCity Partners develops innovative public-private partnerships that create green jobs, facilitate renewable energy and energy efficiency property improvements and strengthen communities. 
We bridge the varied interests of local governments, non-profit community economic development organizations and private sector service providers. 

Consistent with our mission, we have strategic partnerships with leading providers of products and services critical to these community partnerships, including in the following categories:

  • finance
  • renewable energy
  • workforce training
  • related offerings that help facilitate "green market integrations"


PACE is active in Florida

EcoCity Partners administers the Florida Green Finance Authority, a partnership of local governments from across Florida formed to offer PACE financing to commercial property owners. Our programs include Florida Green Energy Works, the first commercially-focused PACE program in Florida, which finances energy efficiency, renewable energy and wind resistance improvements. 
Click here to visit our program site.


Latest from EcoCity Partners

Broward County To Make Renewable Energy Affordable; Florida Green Energy Works To Provide Open Market PACE Program

The Broward County Commission unanimously voted to move forward with an innovative “open market” approach to financing for residential and commercial energy retrofits for its more than 1.8 million county residents. The Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program adopted by the County lets property owners voluntarily and cost-effectively fund energy-saving retrofits of their homes and businesses. Financing is available for solar panels, LED lighting, HVAC and wind-resistance improvements. Interest rates are competitive because repayment is collected as an assessment on the owners’ property tax bill. Read more
Published: 10/11/2013

PACE Creates Unprecedented Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial PACE will unlock powerful benefits for all parties involved with commercial real estate – that’s the message from speakers at the 2013 Florida Green, Energy & Climate Conference and Expo, held May 22 and 23, 2013 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. Read more
Published: 05/29/2013

Florida Green Energy Works PACE Program Breaks New Ground in Florida

At the February 11, 2013 Stuart City Commission meeting, the commissioners voted unanimously to move forward with joining the Florida Green Energy Works PACE program. Stuart will become the tenth municipality in Florida – located within the fourth county – to join this rapidly growing program, which will help communities achieve their sustainability goals while increasing opportunities for local businesses. Read more
Published: 02/11/2013

City of Fellsmere Votes To Join PACE Program Spanning Three Counties In Florida

The City of Fellsmere voted unanimously to join the Florida Green Energy Works program at its January 10, 2012 City Commission meeting. By doing so, Fellsmere joins with eight other cities spread across three Florida counties – the broadest such program in the State – to offer Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing through the Florida Green Finance Authority. Read more
Published: 01/14/2013

PACE program to collaborate with Gulfport businesses

Gulfport City Council unanimously voted to start contract negotiations with EcoCity Partners to administer the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), a program that lends money for energy efficient improvements. Read more
Published: 01/07/2013

PACE Moves Forward in Gulfport

EcoCity Partners say the PACE program in Gulfport could be up and running within a month if contract negotiations go as smooth as Thursday night's unanimous vote. Gulfport City Council members voted 5 - 0 to move forward with EcoCity Partners as the third party administrator for the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. The next step is completing a contract; last night's vote authorized City Manager Jim O'Reilly to begin negotiations. Read more
Published: 01/04/2013

City of Lake Worth Joins Growing Commercial PACE Program

At the November 13, 2012 Lake Worth City Commission meeting, the commissioners voted unanimously to join the Florida Green Energy Works Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program by entering into an Interlocal Agreement with six other Palm Beach County municipalities who have formed the Florida Green Finance Authority. Read more
Published: 11/15/2012


The Solar and Energy Loan Fund (SELF) and EcoCity Partners have joined forces to enable even more residential and commercial property owners to access financially viable ways of improving energy efficiency in their homes and buildings. Read more
Published: 10/09/2012


The Florida Green Finance Authority has partnered with the C40-Clinton Climate Initiative and leading communities, San Francisco and Los Angeles County, to launch the Commercial Clean Energy Financing Alliance (Alliance). Read more
Published: 06/20/2012

Florida Green Finance Authority Debuts

The PACE financing program provides commercial property owners with little-to-no-money-down options for funding energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements. Additionally, the Florida Green Energy Works program provides businesses with free green business certification and marketing opportunities. Read more
Published: 04/19/2012